Sealing and Expungement

A criminal history can make it incredibly hard to live your life. A single conviction could mean that you miss out on job opportunities, are denied housing, are turned down for loans, and more – all for no other reason than that conviction.


It may not have to be this way. We work with clients throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding area to seal their criminal records, and possibly expunge convictions.


What does sealing and expungement mean?


If our team is able to have your record sealed, it means that the general public will not be able to access that information from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Only specific government agencies will have access to it. That means you may have access to job positions that were previously denied you, or that you may have access to loans or housing options that would otherwise be unavailable.


However, even when sealed, your convictions remain. They are simply blocked from view to certain individuals and organizations.


With expungement, the conviction is actually removed, and your criminal record is destroyed. The only copy that will remain is the one maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and this copy is completely confidential and only viewable with a court order.


Of course, not everyone qualifies to have their record sealed and even fewer qualify to have their criminal record expunged. We have years of experience in these areas and can help our clients in Jacksonville, FL, find the solution they need.


Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation, free consultation. It may be possible to get your life back on track more easily than you think.