Suspended License

Many Jacksonville, FL, drivers don’t realize just how much they depend on their driver’s license until they no longer have it. Something as simple as going to the grocery store now requires significant planning, long waits for public transit, or even asking for help from friends or family members.


A suspended license can result in a suspended life. Don’t let this happen to you. We can fight to have your suspension lifted, or possibly even have your case thrown out depending on the situation. Contact us today to get your life back on track (904-446-9990).


Living with a suspended license is rarely a simple thing. It requires rearranging your life, changing your routine, and lots of frustration. In some cases, it may create a catch-22 situation. For instance, if your suspension comes with a fine, how can you pay the fine off if you’re unable to drive to work?


Our experienced team has worked with drivers throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding area to find a solution to these challenges. Each case requires a unique strategy, and we research every situation in great depth. Based on that research, we build a case-specific approach with the ultimate goal of having your license reinstated.


Whether your license has been suspended because of your motor vehicle record, repeated ticketed offenses, or for something unrelated, such as failure to pay child support, we can help you find a way forward.


Contact us today to schedule your consultation. It’s free and there is never an obligation – we strive to provide you with the experienced legal counsel and guidance you need.