Traffic Tickets

Any driving infraction, no matter how seemingly minor, could end with you being ticketed by a police officer. Just doing 70 in a 65 MPH zone could be enough to get you a speeding ticket. Didn’t see that stop sign? Another ticket.


Don’t sit back and do nothing. We can help.


All too often, residents of Jacksonville pay their traffic tickets without realizing that they may have legal rights or defenses that could keep them from having to pay all or part of the tickets. Also, there may be other legal consequences to paying a ticket that they might not be aware of.  Pleading guilty to running a stop sign or paying a speeding ticket fine could mean additional points on your license, increased insurance, or even result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Don’t let that happen. Contact us to fight for your rights.


In some cases, choosing to fight your ticket in court can result in an immediate dismissal. For instance, if you were cited for speeding but the ticketing officer does not appear in court, the judge may throw out your case. In other instances, going to court can provide you with a way to tell your side of the story. Things are rarely as clear cut as a ticket makes them seem and our attorneys can assist you with the presentation of your case.


Whether you’ve been ticketed for speeding, running a stop sign, or been involved in an at-fault auto accident, we can help. Our years of experience provide us with the ability to fight for your rights, no matter what the situation might be.


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